Exclusive for oil palm tree cultivators, GanoCure is an organic remedy that eliminates and prevents the formation of Ganoderma basal stem rot (BSR). After more than a decade of research and development with some of the world’s best agro-scientists, we have created GanoCure, a superior treatment for palm oil trees that will effectively treat, cure and prevent Ganoderma.

The Battle With Ganoderma

The biggest enemy of oil palm plantations is Ganoderma, a white-rot fungus that can kill oil palm trees halfway through their life cycle. The sight of a circular white mass on the root or trunk would cause worry as it is the first sign of infection. Its spores are also a primary means of spreading Ganoderma.

Over the last two decades, there were reports of Ganoderma infections in more than 50% of the oil palm plantations across Peninsular Malaysia. Without an effective treatment to rid of Ganoderma, at least 80% of the affected plants will perish before they have the chance to fruit, causing a reduction of 25% to 45% yield in fruit.

What does GanoCure do?

Both a cure and deterrent, GanoCure is a 100% natural and effective treatment for Ganoderma.
Here are some of the key benefits of GanoCure:

In The Business of Restoration

Our claims to cure and deter Ganoderma is a claim backed by trials and field tests. In 2016, EcoQuad and FELDA FGV conducted a pilot field test to study the effectiveness of GanoCure. The focus was on controlling the Ganoderma disease affecting mature palm trees. The trial was conducted at FASSB Serting Hilir, Jempol, Negeri Sembilan. 

Throughout the duration, GanoCure was successful in stopping the spread of Ganoderma. The mature oil palms were also restored to proper health.

As plantations are often plagued with the risk of pests and diseases, GanoCure is recommended for the protection and health of the oil palms in your estate.

View the GanoCure treatment results below.

Results from GanoCure Treatment