BioBooster is a patented organic plant nutrient that some might mistake as another fertiliser, but it is so much more than that. It is a superior replacement to chemical ones, tackling age-old agricultural issues with the latest technological advancements that involve stem cell research and live microbes. Through rigorous study, research and development of these factors, we’ve created BioBooster; a 100% environmentally-friendly, organic and safe super-nutrient that increases crop yields so you can enlarge your revenue potential.

As the materials in our products are sustainably and responsibly sourced, rest assured that there will be zero hazardous or harmful effects to the soil. When your plantations are healthy and fertile, you will be guaranteed great financial returns.

Enriches your plant | Enriches your soil

Three main elements come to play in agriculture; water, soil and crop. BioBooster is the standalone solution that will increase crop production, nourish the soil and keep your waterways pollutant-free.

As a super-nutrient, it benefits the vegetation and the soil. Here are some of the key benefits of BioBooster:

Activates nutrients present in the soil

Improves yield quantity and sustainability

Prevents topsoil erosion

Releases nutrients slowly but consistently

Retaining of soil moisture

Non-destructive growth cycles in various climates; tried and tested using Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

Improves soil structure

Cost-effective (easy application, light labour)

Visible Field Results

**BPN = Bio Plant Nutrient or BioBooster **

Harvest Potential With BioBooster

Great gains and savings await you when you use BioBooster. Witness at least 30% higher yield return on crops and up to 40% cost reduction on application costs. With BioBooster, you are assured significant financial returns.

Our independent cost-benefit analysis in Indonesia and Malaysia is evidence that BioBooster is a revolutionary product for the agriculture industry.

Lab Test Results