We are researchers. We are land cultivators. We are bio manufacturers. We are EcoQuad.

Founded in 2006, EcoQuad, a fully-bumiputera owned company, pioneered the creation of BioBooster and GanoCure, an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, organic and effective product aimed at increasing and preserving plant health.

Registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, EcoQuad Sdn Bhd is an accredited supplier for corporations, government agencies and private estates. We are also the sole distributors of BioBooster and Ganocure in Malaysia.

Responsible. Sustainable. Transparent.

Our sole focus is to boost the agricultural industry through responsible practices that cover ethical environmental production and execution. When it comes to sustainability, it is not just for our business or product, we want your business to be sustainable too. 

Thus, we have adopted less toxic and environmentally-progressive products that curb soil erosion, reduce wastage and pose no pollution risks to the water and soil.

Scientifically Proven. Meticulously Developed. Positive Results.

Both BioBooster and GanoCure are results of a culmination of world-leading research and development, aimed at tackling agricultural issues while advocating environmental sustainability. Our R&D team is always working to improve the technological systems and procedures to meet real-world demands of the industry.

We are encouraged to see many proven results from the products we have invested our efforts in; from the increase of yield and protection for plants against diseases like Ganoderma to the restoration of soil health.

Revitalise your agricultural business with EcoQuad Sdn Bhd.


We aim to remedy and improve the quality of soil we cultivate through our natural and sustainable products, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.


At EcoQuad, it is our mission to move forward through environmentally sustainable practices; from source to supply, increasing yield while protecting the earth.


Our commitment to

  • Quality
  •  Sustainability
  •  Transparency
  •  Responsibility
  •  Accountability

extends from within our company to our clients.