Working Towards A Better Tomorrow

Fostering Sustainability To Spur Profitability


We aim to remedy and improve the quality of soil we cultivate through our natural and sustainable products, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.


At EcoQuad, it is our mission to move forward through environmentally sustainable practices; from source to supply, increasing yield while protecting the earth.



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Redefining Results

Environmentally Friendly

Our products contain organic plant nutrients that enhance the soil, preventing soil erosion, water pollution and wastage

Lower Costs

Save up to 40% on application costs compared to chemical fertilizers

Increase Yield

Stimulate growth and produce to maximise revenue

Increase Your Crop Capabilities

Our Products

EcoQuad Sdn Bhd is the sole supplier of BioBooster and GanoCure, two groundbreaking products in the Agriculture Industry. With a growing clientele in Southeast Asia, more agricultural companies are using our organic cure and fertilizer to enrich their natural produce.